Eric WagnerHi! My name is Eric Wagner. Growing up in Northwest Ohio the only place I saw tropical plants was when we would visit greenhouses or while on vacation. And I have had an interest in tropical plants ever since.

Doing research I started to learn that some plants such as Cold Hardy Palms, Southern Magnolia’s, and even some Bamboo, can be grown up north in favorable locations or with winter protection.

This website is intended to curate the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years into a usable resource for both myself and anyone else interested in cold hardy tropical plants.

In addition, I will also be documenting my own attempts at growing a variety of cold hardy tropical plants in the USDA Zone 6B climate of the Toledo (Ohio), a city that truly experiences all four seasons, sometimes in the same week.

Check out the homepage to see my most recent blog posts or feel free to send me a message via the contact page.