Betrock’s Cold Hardy Palms

This is an excellent book for the cold hardy palm enthusiast. Betrock’s Cold Hardy Palms is one of the handful of books that is out there to help the adventurous palm grower. There is a list of 82 different palm species that are able to grow in Climates colder than USDA Hardiness Zone 10. Zone 10A has a minimum low temperature of 30-35 degrees Fahrenheit.

For reference in the Continental United States Zone 10 climates are found on the Atlantic coast only in south central Florida and south. The extreme southern coastal tip of Louisiana is Zone 10 and also the extreme southern tip of coastal Texas.Out west zone 10 is much more common. Portions of western Arizona from the center of the state south are zone 10. Much of Coastal California along with the southern low desert is in Zone 10 as well. The book also includes a list of minimum temperature exposures for 139 additional palms.

The book itself is 168 color pages including 286 color photographs. There is information on cold hardy palms that are drought tolerant. There is also good information about palms that are shade and salt tolerant. The salt tolerant part can be important as some locations with superior microclimates for growing palms tend to be near the ocean.Examples of such microclimates include Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket/Cape Cod, New York City/Long island and the New Jersey Shore.Some of these coastal areas are zone 7B which has minimum winter temperatures of 5-10 Fahrenheit. In areas zoned 7B Trachycarpus fortunei, Rhapidophyllum hystrix, and Sabal minor have been grown outdoors successfully without any significant winter protection.

Other additional information in the book includes important subjects such as  palms which can be hazardous to people. In closing Betrock’s Cold Hardy Palms is a great book and it will be helpful to anyone interested in growing cold hardy palms in colder climates.

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