Top Ten Subtropical Plants for a USDA Zone 6B Garden

Subtropical Beach Scene
Subtropical Beach Scene

Lots of people in cooler climates are envious of images of Myrtle Beach or Florida or the beaches of Southern California. Even being in cooler climates we can achieve a similar subtropical look with the right plants. I have  assembled a top ten list of Subtropical Plants to grow in USDA Zone 6B.

I have also provided links if you wish to purchase any plants from this list on Amazon. Please be aware that I  receive a small commission if you make a purchase which helps support the costs of running this website.

    1. Sabal minor also known as Dwarf Palmetto (‘McCurtain’ is probably the hardiest variety)

2. Magnolia grandiflora commonly called Southern Magnolia ( ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty’ and ‘Edith Bogue’ are probably the hardiest varieties)

3. Musa basjoo also known as Hardy Banana or Japanese Banana

4. Phyllostachys nuda (Cold Hardy Bamboo)

5. Yucca filamentosa commonly called Adam’s Needle

6. Ilex opaca commonly called American Holly

7.Vinca minor commonly called Periwinkle or Creeping Myrtle

8.Mahonia aquifolium commonly called Oregon Grape Holly

9. Erica x darleyensis  commonly called Winter Blooming Heath or Heather

10. Colocasia Gigantea commonly called Giant Elephant Ear (This is a perennial that if mulched heavily has survived and thrived in Zone 6 areas.

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